We love a good story here at Eyeful…and we think ours is a good one.
  In true “multi-channel” style, you can listen to our story to date in crystal clear stereo here or read the cut down version below at your leisure.  The choice is yours.

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we’ll begin…

The Eyeful story starts as most good stories do - with a problem.

Let’s take you back to the golden year of 2004 when Simon Morton, founder of Eyeful Presentations, was enjoying a wonderful and fulfilling executive role within an international technology company.  His days were full of client meetings, strategy sessions...and sitting through some truly dreadful PowerPoint presentations. 

For every compelling presentation he attended, there would be 50 others that lacked structure, were collapsing under the weight of bullet points, choc-a-block with cliched clipart and were basically horrible.  Death by PowerPoint ruled the roost.

He decided something had better change...fast.

From making your slides prettier…

Initially Eyeful was all about taking a pile of ugly bullet point strewn slides and making them look nicer.  Not particularly groundbreaking but welcome relief to companies across the land at the time.

…to making your slides more effective

We quickly figured that many presentations weren’t just failing because of poor visuals – they also needed help in terms of structure, messaging and interactivity.  By not being able to keep our mouths shut, we had stumbled upon a consultancy methodology that would eventually be known as Presentation Optimisation.

When word got out about this tiny little company that revolutionised the way businesses used PowerPoint, all hell broke loose.  In quick succession, we picked up lots of lovely new clients (big names like Unilever, BAA and, um, Microsoft through to a smorgasbord of SMEs and start ups). All very exciting and all very manic.

People, people…and more people

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the consultancy, design and project management teams grew and grew.  We’re a picky bunch here at Eyeful so it was a case of searching out the best of the best. 

After an exhaustive recruitment process, we got them…and then realised we needed bigger premises.

Bigger premises, bigger reach

At the end of 2007, we moved the business up to the Midlands to benefit from lots more space, easy access for our customers and the opportunity to develop an environment that both clients and team found creative.  The Brainstorm Barn was born!

Around the same sort of time we opened up a sales office in the US.  Busy, busy, busy…

In no time at all, we’d outgrown our new home, upped sticks and moved down to the road to the rather grand Desford Hall (affectionately known as Eyeful Towers). This afforded us lots more space, a custom designed client workshop area and easy access to a very nice pub for afterwork drinks. 

The sun never sets on Eyeful…

By 2013 the Eyeful family had become truly global. We currently have offices in The UK, The US, The Netherlands, Russia and The Republic of Ireland. Our ever growing customer base also continues to amaze and excite us in equal measure - we’ve created presentations for customers on every continent except Antarctica.

That extra something

Somewhere along the way we’ve also become leading lights in a little thing called Blended Presenting. This is all about giving our customers the skills and flexibility to make the best of available technology and software. It gives our customers access to multi platform presenting techniques, allowing them to better engage with their audiences.

The future of presentations

Never content to sit back and relax we’ve also launched Eyeful Labs. This is our truly immersive presentation environment where we gather our customers, consultants and creatives together to challenge traditional thinking and experiment with innovation.

Our people make us great

Eyeful’s success so far has grown on the back of our great customer service and great customer service comes from one place – great people. In 2013 we were proud winners of a Smarta 100 award in the category of “Best People Business”. So it’s not just our customers who appreciate the extra effort we put in to every project!

Making an impact on Marketing

2013 also saw us achieve inclusion in the Recommended Agency Register's Top 100. This list is open to all marketing services agencies outside the M25 and inclusion is based entirely on customer feedback. Making the grade shows not only that our customers love us, but also that they're happy to tell the world. Standing out in a category that includes the whole gamut of marketing services is a huge achievement for a company that only does presentations... and it's one that we're really rather proud of.

Eyeful Canada comes to life and Eyeful USA keeps growing

In late 2013 we put out a call to connect with like-minded presentation enthusiasts Stateside.  The response was overwhelming and we were bombarded with presentation specialists eager to embrace a little Eyefulocity. After a lot of skyping and typing, we’re delighted to say that we’re starting 2014 with a strengthened and rejuvenated US team. Even better Eyeful Canada has come into being as an entity of its own. We’ll be introducing all our new Eyefulites through our blog so keep checking in for more gossip.

Eyeful in Print

In 2014 Eyefuls approach to creating engaging presentations became available to an even wider audience with the publication of The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations.

Getting approached by Wiley to write a book was a bolt out of the blue for our MD Simon Morton, but with so much great stuff to share it seemed churlish to say no.

The book includes insights that will help readers create and deliver presentations that really connect with their audiences and bring tangible results and is making an impact with business presenters everywhere.

Seeing the essence of what we do in print has been quite an odd experience for those of us that know it so well but it’s a great way to get our message out there and help people make changes that their audiences will love them for.

It's been a fun, exhilarating and exciting journey so far and who knows what the future will bring....

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