Here at Eyeful Presentations we've built an enviable reputation as a world leader in business presentations

Through continued imagination and innovation we help customers across the globe get the very best from their presentations.

We do this by implementing our proven Presentation Optimisation™ methodology to ensure that every presentation has a clear, engaging story, a strong call to action and the best in presentation design. So if you have a PowerPoint presentation that needs pepping up or a sales presentation that's failing to deliver then look no further – we can help.


We are the best presentation talent around,
even if we do say so ourselves!

Eyeful Presentations began life taking boring PowerPoint slides and
breathing new life in to them. But that was just the beginning; our passion
for better presentations has become something of an obsession. We've
gathered the best in presentation design and consultancy in one place and
served it with a generous side order of imagination and innovation for our
customers to enjoy.

We're a lively bunch here at Eyeful and when we're not perfecting
presentations we can be found baking, braving blisters and generally
bumbling around for any good cause that will have us!

But that's just scratching the surface of who we are - to find out more, click here.

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We ensure that every presentation we create gets the very best of our talents.

It does not matter to us if you are a sole trader or a multinational we'll give it our all. Not only that but we can create effective presentations for PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, Interactive Whiteboards, Tablet technology, hard copy, web or even good, old fashioned, pencil and paper.

If you already have a presentation we can help you refine your messaging, strengthen your call to action or simply give it a new look and feel. Every presentation needs a presenter, so for those of you who feel overwhelmed by technology or freeze when the spotlight is on, we provide presentation training as well.


Traditionally you'd be expecting a decent smattering
of impressive logos.

But that's not the Eyeful way.

We're not impressed by name dropping and you shouldn't be either. We're
impressed by impressing our customers and, in a linguistic double helix,
so are they.

We can help you communicate effectively, whenever, wherever and to
whomever you wish. From arming you for the seminar platform to ensuring
that you can make the most of a chance encounter with a potential customer,
we've got it covered. We're really proud of our work, we believe it speaks for
itself and we've got loads of samples to share, simply click on the links to
see what we can do.



We realised long ago that we were never destined for a future in espionage.

New ideas and innovations have always been a little too exciting to be kept under our hats, especially when they can benefit our customers.

For those of you who are just starting to consider if your presentations are good enough, a great starting point is to have a quick look at our 10 Commandments of Presentations.

We're always happy to chat, so if you want to stop clicking about and talk to us, please feel free - we love to talk presentations.

Without further ado here's a chance to catch up on what we've found out so far...


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