You’d probably expect us to say
something corny like “our people make us
what we are today”. But you know what? It’s true.

Eyeful is built on the very best talent in our industry;
it’s what has built our reputation as the Presentation Experts,
keeps us at the forefront of new thinking and design, and
importantly, ensures our customers return to us whenever
they are in need of Presentation Optimisation™.

You can broadly split this merry band of
people into 3 key groups:


We make no bones about it - we are a picky bunch.
We will only work with the best, which is why less than 1
in 30 designers that we come across actually ends up part of
the dream team.

Whilst unnerving for prospective designers (unless of course
they're top notch!), it's a stat that directly impacts our customers
and their presentations.

With an array of backgrounds, ranging from fine art to the latest in high end motion graphics, we’ve certainly got a diverse and truly experienced group of people with one common goal – to produce the best there is.

With diversity comes, in some quarters, strangeness. So when they’re not honing fine presentations you could see one of them kite buggying, singing to their infant bonsai tree or dressing as a Disney princess. But then that’s the creative types for you...

Keeping those wild creative types tethered to their brands and timescales is our crack Delivery Team. They don’t just keep design on track and on time,
they also have the hugely important responsibility of taking care of you
and ensuring you feel the Eyeful love every time you’re in touch.

The good news is that our customer satisfaction stats verify
we’re delivering on this promise. 

The even better news is that we’ve only just begun…

Collectively our team of consultants have
a rare breadth and depth of experience. This
elite band of presentation pioneers have worked
on projects across all sectors and industries, been
involved with multi million pound engagements and
supported presenters at all levels; from the boardroom
through to salespeople making their first big pitches.
They know their stuff…

But Eyeful is where they belong now…

Their experience, coupled with our unique Presentation
approach, ensures we really make a difference to the businesses we work with.

In short, they make us very proud…


Alas, this area will need to stay
pretty blank I’m afraid as, at Eyeful, we
don’t employ any trainers. Instead we’ve
decided to pull upon the experience, insight and
know-how of expert practitioners.

This means our training offering is facilitated by some
of the leading lights in our industry, from thought
leadership courtesy of our founder Simon Morton
through to story development and visual design
from the team that has made Eyeful Europe’s
leading presentation consultancy. In short,
you’re in safe (and inspiring) hands.

So it’s less about the theory and
more about the practical skills
that make a real difference. Sorry.