The Secret Sauce That Makes Eyeful Different

Who we are is the single most important ingredient in what has made us one of the best presentation consultancy and design companies in the world.

While infinite monkey theorem (the one that says monkeys + typewriters + time = Shakespeare) offers hope that any group of people setting out to achieve something may well eventually get the results they’re looking for, that’s not the way for us. We’ve created a shortcut to success by bringing together the best people and giving them the perfect environment to thrive in. Everything that Eyeful has achieved so far and everything we’re aiming for truly revolves around who we are.

It has been suggested that bringing creative people together successfully is something akin to herding cats but our success so far has been built on a simple formula and it’s one we intend to keep as we grow. Every single person that we bring into the Eyeful family has an extra spark of commitment and ingenuity that we call ‘Eyefulocity’.

How Eyefulocity Makes an Impact

There are a lot of companies and individuals out there that make presentations prettier and indeed that’s where we began our journey. It wasn’t long before we began asking our customers some (initially) uncomfortable questions that made a real difference. The fact is that we’ve never been shy of challenging ourselves either; in fact it’s an integral part of how we work.

Eyeful has developed and maintained a culture which balances a great work ethic with a decent smattering of playfulness. Our people give every presentation the best of their expertise because they share the belief that every one of us can make a difference to every project we undertake.

Great people create great presentations and happy people make our customers happy too.

While we don’t actually have the ability to see into the future, we do have a pretty good idea of what it is going to contain for us; there will be presentations, innovations, technical progress, new ideas and a large dollop of bloody hard work.

What there won’t ever be is an Eyeful that loses its spark.

Being who we are has brought us a long way. Staying true to that will take us right to the top.

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