Here at Eyeful Presentations we've built an enviable reputation as a world leader in business presentations

Through continued imagination and innovation we help customers across the globe get the very best from their presentations.

We do this by implementing our proven Presentation Optimisation™ methodology to ensure that every presentation has a clear, engaging story, a strong call to action and the very best in presentation design.

If you have a failing sales presentation, an uninspiring internal presentation, a decrepit CPD presentation or a lacklustre event presentation then look no further – we can help.


When it comes to professionalism and passion,
we've got it covered.

Eyeful Presentations began life taking boring PowerPoint slides and
breathing new life in to them. But that was just the beginning; our passion
for better powerpoint presentations has become something of an obsession.

We've gathered the best in presentation design and consultancy in one
place and served it with a generous side order of imagination and innovation for our customers to enjoy.

We're a lively bunch here at Eyeful and when we're not perfecting
presentations we can be found baking, braving blisters and generally
bumbling around for any good cause that will have us!

But that's just scratching the surface of who we are - to find out more, click here.

The Customers Story
April 2015
During April we released a series of customer story videos which show what it's like to work with Eyeful and how we often go the extra mile and yes they are created in PowerPoint.

The videos are also a great source of inspiration. Whether you're creating a PowerPoint Sales Presentation or any type for that matter, these stories are a great example of what someone using only PowerPoint and no other software can achieve.

Check out the videos now to see how the PowerPoint slides perform like you've never seen before. More
Eyeful Strengthens Its Team At Every Step
March 2015
It's always a pleasure to announce new members of the team, but this time it's not 1, but 4 new people to introduce you to. So join us in welcoming Duncan – Presentation Consultant, Samantha – Story Board Developer, and Ed & Helen – Designers..... More
The Only Way Is The (IOD) Essex
February 2015
Eyeful MD Simon Morton is the guest speaker at the Institute of Directors, Essex Branch. The IOD, with over 30,000 members nationally is a professional organisation for business leaders – they encourage entrepreneurial activity and promote responsible business practice for the benefit of society as a whole. More
The Presentation Lab Gets A Winning Edge
January 2015
January saw The Presentation Lab given the Winning Edge, with a great article written by Journalist Marc Beishon.  The in-depth review summarised some of the books key points enabling the reader to really get a flavour of the book. To read the full article click here..
Another Member Joins The Eyeful Family
December 2014
We always get excited and want to share the good news about new talent here at Eyeful Towers... So with a very warm welcome, we would like to introduce our newest member of the Eyeful family Olivia Walsh.... More
The Search Is On
November 2014
Eyeful has worked very hard over the years to build its reputation as the experts at presentations and this is primarily because we only employ the best! We pride ourselves in the quality of service that we offer to our customers making sure that each Eyeful client feels special every time they come into contact with us and how do we do this? By our own special formula and we call it Eyefulocity..... More
European Team Grows
October 2014
We are delighted to announce the launch of Eyeful Germany. We are thrilled to welcome Thessa Roderig into the wonderful Eyeful family..... More
Inspiring Presenters to Aim Higher
September 2014
It's now six months since The Presentation Lab: Learn the Formula Behind Powerful Presentations hit the bookshelves so we decided to have a look at the impact it's making on how people plan, design and deliver their presentations. There are plenty of worthy tomes available to business presenters who want to improve their audience engagement so is The Presentation Lab holding its own out there?.... More
Eyeful Innovation makes an Impact
August 2014
July saw the launch of a whole raft of web updates designed to help business presenters find exactly what they are looking for on our website. Sales Presentations, Technical Presentations, Internal Presentations, Event Presentations and CPD Presentations were all given their own dedicated pages but we've seen the most excited responses come for the addition of our Innovation Page.. More

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We ensure that every presentation DESIGN we create gets the very best of our talents.

It doesn't matter to us if you're a sole trader or a multinational - we'll give it our all. We have an intimate understanding of what sales presentations need to succeed and how a CPD presentation needs to inform and educate without becoming boring. We know how to wrangle technical data, create event presentations that maximise ROI and we give internal presentations the creative spark they (and your audience) deserve.

We're completely unashamed to call ourselves presentation geeks (we even have an internationally acclaimed book to prove it)…

If you already have a presentation, we can help you refine your messaging, strengthen your call to action or simply polish it with a new look and feel. Every presentation needs a presenter, so for those of you who feel overwhelmed by technology or freeze when the spotlight is on, we provide a range of presentation training options as well.


Traditionally you'd be expecting a decent smattering
of impressive logos.

But that's not the Eyeful way.

We're not impressed by name dropping and you shouldn't be either. We're
impressed by impressing our customers and, in a linguistic double helix,
so are they.

We can help you communicate effectively, whenever, wherever and to
whomever you wish.

Our specialist presentation consultants guide customers through our tried and tested Presentation Optimisation™ methodology and apply the latest Presentation Lab thinking to every presentation we create. Add to this a crack team of specialist project managers and a world beating design team and you’re almost there. But only almost – every project also benefits from a smattering of a thing we call Eyefulocity, (a secret ingredient better tasted than described). Simply click through the links below to find out more…



We realised long ago that we were never destined for a future in espionage.

New ideas and innovations have always been a little too exciting to be kept under our hats, especially when they can benefit our customers. Our blog is perhaps the best example of this inability and includes many of the inner musings that keep us fired up about what we do.

We’re no strangers to print either. The internationally acclaimed Presentation Lab book is a great way for those just beginning their presentation journey (or those disillusioned or confused by their experience so far) to get to grips with the intricacies of preparing and delivering an engaging presentation.

If you just want to know more about what makes us tick (and why we don’t need medical assistance for our powerpoint presentation obsession) our Little Book of Big Ideas is a great place to start.

We're always happy to chat, so if you want to stop clicking about
and talk to us, please feel free - we love to talk presentations.

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